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Looking for the best value for money Thailand travel insurance?
You probably know that you should never travel to Thailand without insurance. When compared to the total cost of the trip, the expenses of purchasing travel insurance are little. However, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you, your friends, and your family members are protected in the event that anything goes wrong is well worth the investment. After all, this is the reason you went on holiday. If you don’t have the time to read the full article or you just don’t want to, you can easily get travel insurance online by clicking here.

Thailand travel insurance

Organizing a trip to Thailand takes starting a significant amount of time in advance. This includes picking the dates of the trip, deciding where in Thailand to go, locating accommodations, booking flights, and determining which attractions to visit. Traveling to Thailand requires proper travel insurance. Things are going to look quite different when we fly to Thailand compared to when we take a short weekend vacation to Europe, where we could be content to settle for a generic travel insurance policy that just gives the most basic coverage. Thailand is generally a lengthier trip (few individuals we know visit for fewer than 10 days), with several places, less regular activities, and less modern medical services than in Europe or USA.

Travel insurance is crucial while visiting Thailand. Thus, you may travel safely, relax, and enjoy this wonderful country’s best attractions. This part shouldn’t be skipped for various reasons.

Travel insurance for Thailand: why you must get one?

Thailand can be unstable and has different physical circumstances
Thailand is the poorest Far Eastern nation. Western visitors, are unfamiliar with the circumstances in this third-world nation. Food, hygiene, unstable environment, and many physiological occurrences are examples of this. For non-locals, these occurrences may need expensive medical care, thus it’s crucial to have an insurance coverage that covers hospitalization and costly therapies (such as fracture fusion or serious injuries).

Medical services

Even though we have previously discussed the medical services, we will underline once again how much less sophisticated and contemporary they are in comparison to those that you are used to receiving and, without a doubt, in other European nations that we are accustomed to visiting on a regular basis. This implies that you may be required to travel rather great distances when necessary (Thailand is a vast nation) in order to obtain a particular therapy that is either not available where you will be, or is not available anywhere in the country at all. Only extended travel insurance can provide you the coverage you need, as well as protect you from having to pay a lot of money and go through a lot of effort in order to locate the proper destination.

Search and rescue

Additionally, the diversity of odd activities and the fact that they are frequently done in regions with restricted accessibility may need a sophisticated rescue to get out for medical care or at all. It is highly recommended to have insurance that covers detection, rescue, and rescue in case of emergency in a nation like Thailand since it is possible for access routes to get blocked due to the weather or for an injury to occur that would restrict your mobility. This way, you can be confident that someone will be there to assist you in any circumstance.

Unusual activities and attractions

Diving, bungee jumping, Omegas, climbing mountains and cliffs, hiking, jeep trips, water and extreme sports, etc. are only some of the activities that are more uncommon and less prevalent in other areas of the globe than they are in Thailand. These activities are not covered by standard travel insurance and need an extension. Because of their danger, your insurance company must assume additional risk while insuring you. Avoid waiving these terms while buying the coverage. Thus, you may experience the Kingdom of Siam’s many offerings.

Theft or loss of equipment

As is the case with every trip, the transitions are the “weak spot” of the holiday, and there is a potential to forget or lose stuff and equipment, either through your fault or through the fault of the airlines that shipped you bag to another location. Because it is such a large country, you will find yourself moving (or flying) quite a bit from place to place. In addition, there is a greater possibility that costly items such as a computer, mobile phone, or camera will be stolen from you in a country such as Thailand. In addition to the discomfort of the equipment you will be missing, there should be compensation that at the very least makes the dread more bearable.

Thailand travel insurance: worry-free


The purchase of travel insurance is required for a trip to Thailand for all of these reasons, in addition to the standard reasons that are common knowledge to all of us, and this requirement applies to both domestic and international trips. If you want to be able to be free and spontaneous while on vacation and not have to worry about whether or not an activity you wish to participate in is covered by your travel insurance, our advise is that you acquire travel insurance that covers all the essential extensions you may need during your trip. It is not an especially expensive option (certainly in comparison to the total cost of the trip), but it is essential to keep in mind that you cannot get travel insurance after you have already left the country. As a result, you should get your travel and health insurance as soon as possible, and you may do it right here on the internet, online and in a matter of minutes.

Thailand travel insurance

Thailand’s amazing beaches, crystal clear waters, buzzing locations, and other great scenes are a must for tourists. When it comes to traveling, for some, getting to visit Thailand is a rare occurrence. Therefore, when the opportunity to travel arises, tourists will often try to see as much of Thailand as they possibly can. They also want to experience the best five-star hotels for that luxury stay.

Assuming you have your visa to Thailand already, one of the necessities for every traveler, family or a digital nomad when it comes to traveling is travel insurance. Regardless of where you are going, you need to know what your travel risks are, how to stay safe, and what travel insurance covers. If you wonder what is the best health insurance for Thailand or what is the cheapest travel insurance to Thailand, this article will cover exactly that.

The Travel Risks in Thailand

When traveling, there are more than just health risks present. Some examples of other risks include:

  • Drinking and driving
  • Assault and robberies
  • Motorcycle risks (motorcycle travel poses different risks to that of a car and is the most popular mode of transport)
  • Tap water is unsafe to drink
  • Food poisoning
  • Alcohol poisoning from bucket drinks (a strong concoction of alcohol and questionable chemicals that come in a kids’ seaside bucket)

The Healthcare in Thailand

When it comes to healthcare, you need to ensure that you have travel insurance with good medical coverage. Thailand is a country, like many others, that has numerous diseases. While most of these are usually avoidable, if caught, they can cause serious risks to your health.

To get all the healthcare information that you need, it is recommended that you see a GP or a doctor six weeks before you travel. These medical professionals will make sure that you have all the relevant vaccinations you need in order to travel.

Before traveling, you should have enough savings to cover hospital plans and medical treatment. This is because you do get the select few hospitals that require you to have sufficient funds before they treat you. However, with travel insurance, you can be confident that you will receive the medical treatment you need should something go wrong.

Tourists should take as many precautions as they possibly can against the mosquitos in Thailand. Not only do they come in large quantities, but they also carry the Zika virus and dengue fever. As such, you can never have enough mosquito repellent with you. You may even want to consider investing in a travel mosquito net.

What’s more, is that these mosquitos don’t just attack at night. They are also found active in busy areas during the daytime. Thus, covering yourself in mosquito repellent and wearing loose, light-colored clothing creates a good barrier against these flying health destroyers.

Anyone who requires prescription medication should also check its legality in Thailand. Possession of illegal drugs can have severe penalties. To avoid these consequences, carry a doctor’s note. This note should detail exactly why you need the medicine and your prescription sheets.

Do You Need Travel Insurance for Thailand?

Even though Thailand is an eye-opening country to visit, it does not come without risks. These risks are exactly why you need travel insurance that provides you with a sufficient level of coverage. Especially when you take into consideration the places you are visiting and the things you will be doing.

Your medical cover should safeguard the following:

  • Threat of diseases
  • Possibility of accidents and injuries on busy roads, and
  • Protection of your belongings from theft and scams.

While it is not compulsory to have travel insurance when visiting Thailand, if you want protection and reassurance, then you should invest in it. Often, the problem isn’t about if you need it but rather about how much of it you need. If you’re in doubt, an insurer may be able to provide you with more guidance.

The best travel insurance for a couple, family or a solo digital nomad is provided by Safety Wing. Visit for all your travel medical insurance needs. It’s the best travel insurance for Thailand. It’s able to cover people from anywhere in the world while they are not in their home countries.

It’s recommended to compare the prices of other insurance companies like VisitorCoverage, EKTA or INSUBUY, but by choosing Safety Wing as your insurer, you receive the following benefits:

  • Stay abroad and buy abroad – can buy insurance even if your journey has already started.
  • Automatic monthly payments.
  • Covers visits to home country.
  • Includes young children.

Get in contact with the team today at if you on a budget and need a medical travel insurance before your trip to Thailand.


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