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  • Renewable 5 Year Multiple Entry Visa 

  • No need to apply for a re-entry permit

  • One year stay permit per each entry

Why Thailand Elite Visa is for you?

  • You don’t like to deal with authorities 
  • You don’t want to do border runs / visa runs to other countries
  • You don’t want spend a day at the immigration office every 90 days
  • You don’t like to waiting in lines in airports
  • You know you want to visit Thailand a few times a year
  • You like to be treated like royalty
  • You like getting picked up from the airport with a limousine
  • You can afford paying for 5 years in advance to get 5 years of stability  
  • (Maybe) You consider getting a visa and paying for it with crypto currency

What is the Thailand Elite Visa?

Thailand Elite Visa is a 5-20 years multiple entry visa that allows the visa holder to travel in and out of Thailand as frequently as the visa holder preferred, without having to apply for a re-entry permit. 

This visa enables a holder to enjoy a long-term stay in Thailand to its fullest without having to incur additional expenses, such as travel back and forth to extend the validity of the visa or having to apply for a visa upon every arrival. The Thailand Elite program is suitable for individuals who intend to stay in Thailand for over 6 months or who are frequent travelers.

Thailand Elite members enjoy a variety of privileges and VIP services from the moment they arrive in the country.

With Thailand Elite Visa, you can choose from eight different programs, ranging from 5 to 20 years, personal or with a family. You will also have access to a health package as well as a number of other privileges.


How much does the Thailand Elite Visa cost?

  1. Thailand Elite Easy Access (5 years) 600,000 THB
  2. Thailand Elite Privilege Access (10 years) 1,000,000 THB
  3. Thailand Elite Superiority Extension (20 years) 1,000,000 THB
  4. Thailand Elite Ultimate Privilege (20 years) 2,000,000 THB
  5. Thailand Elite Family Excursion (5 years) 2 people 800,000 THB
  6. Thailand Elite Family Alternative (10 years) 800,000 THB per additional member for a period equal to the core member
  7. Thailand Elite Family Premium (10 years) for a period equal to the core member – 1,000,000 THB
  8. Thailand Elite Maxima Health (5 years) includes healthcare package – 1,500,000 THB


I want to apply for a Thailand Elite Visa. How do I do that?

  1. Check if you are eligible for the Elite Visa.
  2. We will assist you in completing the full Elite Visa application form.
  3. Ensure that you have a picture with high resolution, a copy of the data page on your passport, as well as a copy of most recent Thailand entry/exit details, as well as the current Thai visa (if you have one).

Check Your Eligibility for Thailand Elite Visa Now


Application process for Thailand Elite Visa:

  1. Fill in the Elite Visa application form with our help.
  2. Submit all of the documents 
  3. The Thai government approval can take up to two months.
  4. A decision has been made by the Thai government regarding the application.
  5. Once your application has been approved, you will need to pay the Elite Visa fee.
  6. Affixed at the Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence or at the airport upon arrival into Thailand.


Do Thailand Elite Visa requires a minimum age?

Thailand Elite Visa is open to people of any age. You can apply for a Thailand Elite Visa as an individual or as part of a family membership. Your partner and kids will be included in your Thailand Elite Visa membership.


Does Thailand Elite Visa have a nationality list?

Thailand Elite Visa membership is available to all nationalities. There are no specific nationality requirements.


What is the validity period of a Thailand Elite Visa?

In Thailand, Elite Visa offers programs with a validity of 5, 10, 20 years, personal or family based, starting from 600,000 THB.


What is the start date for Thailand Elite Visa?

The term of validity of your Elite Visa will begin when you receive your Thailand Elite Member Welcome Letter (approval letter). You can begin to count the years of validity based on your membership date at that point.


What are the requirements for applying for a Thailand Elite visa with my family?

Of course! There are three different family membership programs offered by Thailand Elite Visa.

  • Thailand Elite Family Excursion (5 years) 
  • Thailand Elite Family Alternative (10 years)
  • Thailand Elite Family Premium (10 years) 


Can I apply for a Thailand Elite Visa from outside Thailand? Do I have to stay in Thailand to apply?

All aspects of Thailand Elite Visa application can be completed from overseas. The Thailand Elite Visa will be delivered and affixed at the airport during your next arrival in Thailand. Prior to departure, the visa can also be affixed by the Thai Embassy/Consulate in the country where you live. 


Are there any additional fees in addition to the membership fee?

Most Thailand Elite Visa memberships will require only a one-time payment.

There are 2 Elite Visa memberships that require an annual fee:

  • Thailand Elite Ultimate Privilege – 20,000 THB per year.
  • Thailand Elite Family Premium – 10,000 baht per year.


When I arrive in Thailand with my Thailand Elite Visa applied for, what should I expect for?

You can book your flight to Thailand safely once you receive your Thailand Elite Visa Welcome Letter. Once you arrive at Bangkok or Phuket International Airport, a VIP Thailand Elite agent will assist you and affix your visa. Thailand Elite Visa members receive special immigration service, no lines at airports, exclusive departure and arrival lounges, & free limousine transfers.


With an Elite Visa, can I work in Thailand?

Thailand Elite Visa members are not permitted to work in Thailand. If they wish to apply for a work permit in Thailand, the Thailand Elite Visa will have to be canceled.


As a Thailand Elite member, can I open a Thai bank account?

It is possible to open a Thai bank account with a Thailand Elite visa. The majority of Thai banks allow elite visa holders to do so. Thai bank accounts cannot be opened from overseas, so you must be physically present at the bank in order to open a Thai bank account.


Does my Thailand Elite Visa need to be renewed?

Although Thailand Elite Visas don’t need to be renewed, they do require immigration reports. Elite Visa members receive special immigration assistance with VIP assistance for the 90 day report. No immigration reports are required if you leave Thailand within 90 days of your arrival with an international flight. You must file an immigration report every 90 days if you are staying longer than 90 days in Thailand. For the 90 days report, Elite Visa members have access to a special immigration service with VIP assistance.

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