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Thailand Privilege (rebranded from “Thailand Elite”) is issued under the Tourism Authority of Thailand as a hospitality membership program including a 5-20 year multiple-entry visa. There are essentially no requirements – just pay to stay.


Packages start at 900,000 THB (approximately $25,000 USD), including the visa and points to redeem for additional benefits:
  • 5-20 year multiple-entry Privilege Visa
  • Fast-track at Immigration
  • Government Concierge used to open a Thai bank account and get a Thai Drivers License
  • Airport privileges, including VIP Lounges and Elite Personal Assistant Escort
  • Limousine service for international and domestic flights
  • Discounts at hotels, spas, medical care, golf courses, & partners of Thailand Elite

Thailand Privilege Membership packages (launched Oct 2023):

Gold membership 5 years
900K THB/$25,000 USD
Individual membership
Privilege 20 Points annually


Platinum Membership 10 years
1.5M THB/$42,000 USD first member
Add family members for +1M THB/$28,000 USD each
Privilege 35 Points annually


Diamond Membership 15 years
2.5M THB/$68,000 USD first member
Add family members for +1.5M THB/$42,000 USD each
Privilege 55 Points annually


Reserve Membership 20 years
5M THB/$138,000 USD first member
Add family members for +2M THB/$55,000 USD each
Privilege 120 Points annually

Thailand Privilege Application Requirements (pdf/jpg/png):
  1. Scan of passport including signature page
  2. Passport photo
  3. Completed application
    1. We complete this on your behalf. All we need is your current mailing address and phone number (each applicant)
  4. Application fee of $1,500 USD (50,000 THB)*


*As of January 1, 2024, Thailand Privilege requires all applicants to complete the application fee of 50,000 THB. Upon approval, the application fee is deducted from the membership fee. In case the application is not approved, the fee is refundable.


If you’re ready to proceed with your application, 

you can submit this form: 

Thailand Privilege Application Requirements:

Required Details:

  • Mailing address (international and/or within Thailand)
  • Scanned or photographed passport displaying all four corners
  • Passport photo or selfie for us to enhance through Photoshop
  • Mandatory if you’re in Thailand: Scanned or photographed copy of your present visa along with the most recent entry stamp
  • Necessary for family packages: Marriage Certificate or Birth Certificate

Application Timeline (approximately 2-3 months):

  • Submit your application before September 15
  • Anticipate approval within two months
  • Receive the Approval Letter via email
  • Finalize payment within 30 days
  • Obtain the Welcome Letter containing your Privilege Member ID
    • This marks the commencement of your Privilege membership and visa validity, regardless of whether you’re in Thailand or abroad. There’s no specific timeframe within which you must affix the visa to your passport. This could happen a week or even three years later.
  • Place the Privilege visa sticker in your passport:
    • At the airport (BKK, Chiang Mai, or Phuket)
    • Within Thailand, at the Immigration office in Bangkok
    • Outside of Thailand, at a Thai Embassy or Consulate

Kindly note that due to the substantial volume of inquiries, responses might take longer than usual. Thailand Privilege is actively evaluating applications and addressing queries to provide assistance at the earliest.

We take immense pride in working with Thailand’s most reliable Thailand Privilege Authorized Agency. Rest assured, we don’t levy service fees (our commission comes from Thailand Privilege). Your payment covers only the visa membership cost, which you pay directly to Thailand Privilege. Feel free to peruse our reviews here.

We eagerly await the opportunity to assist you in securing an extended stay in Thailand!

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