Updated on  December 3rd 2022


For the next 4 months, until March 31st 2023, the length of stay per time will be extended from 30 days to 45 days for passport holders from visa-exempt countries.

In addition, for Visa On Arrival, the length of stay will be extended from 15 days to 30 days during the same six-month period.

Check our Step by Step Guide to get a visa or if you plan to stay here for longer, check out the Long-term Visa Options.


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Thailand is completely open to all tourists from all over the world!

Since October 1st 2022, All travelers eligible for entry without proof of vaccination or a COVID-19 test result.

There is also no requirement for travelers to show health insurance before arrival (even though it’s very recommended to have one).

SHA plus hotels, SHA extra plus, Thailand Pass, test & go and sandbox programs are no longer necessary for entering Thailand.

Thailand Pass is no longer required since July 1st 2022.

Prior to July 1st, 2022, foreign travelers had the following pre-arrival rules:

Travelers needed to provide passport details, vaccination, and an $10,000 health insurance policy to get an approved Thailand Pass.

The registration process for the Thailand Pass required a 5-day reservation at a SHA+ hotel and travel insurance coverage of no less than $10,000.

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