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Regardless of how much time you plan on staying in Thailand, communicating with others is essential, and you can only do it if you have a SIM card. 

This happens in other countries, too, so Thailand is not the only place where a SIM card could come in handy. Some travelers get roam cards if they are going to stay a few days, but it’s best if you go for a SIM one. Read on to know more about the matter! 

Where to Buy SIM Cards in Thailand 

You can buy a SIM card as soon as you get to Thailand since most airports have a place where you can buy them. Some of the most popular communication companies have facilities in the airport, so you can ask anyone where to find one once you get there. 

If you miss them or forget to get SIM cards at the airport, you can also get them at malls or local stores since they often have SIM cards for tourists. 

How to Buy SIM Cards in Thailand

Buying a SIM card is not difficult, and there are not many requirements to do it. The only thing you need to get a SIM card in Thailand is an ID and the funds to pay for it. Since you don’t have a Thai ID, you can do it with your passport. 

Some stores don’t ask you for this and don’t care if you have identification, but we recommend you take the risk and then end up losing your time, so make sure to always have your passport with you. This mostly happened in small stores and provinces, so you shouldn’t expect that in Bangkok.  

How Much Can They Charge Me for SIM Cards?  

Everything depends on the company you are getting the SIM card from and the plan you are going for. As a result, it’s essential to know the communication companies in the country before getting there to avoid getting the most expensive one or one that is not that good.

AIS, TrueMove, and DTAC are the best companies you can buy your SIM card from, and they have similar prices when it comes to mobile data and internet plans. DTAC is the most inexpensive one, so go for it if you want to save money. 

A daily unlimited internet plan, for example, costs 19 baht when you get it from AIS, and a weekly internet one is 59 from DTAC. We recommend you go for one that suits the time you are going to stay in Thailand to avoid any issues from happening. 


Line is Thailand’s WhatsApp, and everyone in Thailand uses it to talk to other people. Therefore, it’s best if you download it if you want to keep in touch with some of the Thai friends you make while traveling. This app allows you to call, video call, and even post things online. 


The process to buy a SIM card in Thailand is not difficult, and we recommend you get one even if you are going to stay for a few days. Most communication plans offer unlimited internet, which means you can do what you want while being in the country without worrying about paying any extra fees. 

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