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It’s fun to wander around markets, and it’s even more fun to do so at night when the markets are lit up. On the island of Phuket, there are a lot of different night markets where tourists can buy unique and cheap items, most of which will be things they want but don’t need. When you go to the markets, you can get a close look at the unique Thai culture and the Thai people in all their different forms. They will buy you a multi-sensory, colorful, crowded, smelly, and loud experience, but most importantly, they will buy you a real and very good night out. During your time in Phuket, there are a few markets you shouldn’t miss:

Phuket Weekend Market

The biggest market on Phuket Island is on Chao Fa West Road, which is not far from where all the partying happens on the island. The market that takes place every weekend is called “Naka Market” in the language of the people who live there. It is thought by many to be one of the best and most popular shopping malls on the island. At prices that are hard to believe, the market sells a wide range of things, such as electronics, clothes, and toys. Also, the market is a dream for both shoppers and cooks. It’s best to come hungry and try a little bit of everything, like exotic fruits, roasted corn, hot dogs, grilled chicken, and, if you’re feeling really brave, fried insects. On hot days, you might give yourself a break by getting a glass of beer that you can take with you.

Saturday-Sunday, 16:00-22:00.


Phuket Walking Street Market

The people who live in the area call the market on Thalang road “Lard Yai.” The market has a great view and does a good job of capturing the lively atmosphere of Thailand. The brightly colored colonial houses that line the market’s sides, the one-of-a-kind items for sale there, and the traditional food vendors make it a must-see for anyone on vacation in Phuket. In addition to the things you can find at any market, like trinkets, clothing, drink stands, and booths with delicious Thai food, this market may also have Thai grandmother’s remedies for any illness or pain. These medicines are sold with the other goods in the market.

Sundays, 16:00-22:00.


The Phuket Indy Night Market

The Indy Night Market is a market that is located on Limelight Avenue. In Thai, the market where you can buy your goods is called “laadploykong.” This phrase could be freely translated as “the place where you will find your goods.” There is a great variety of clothes, shoes, and handbags made from natural materials. In fact, all of these things might be there. At the market, you can also buy souvenirs with a more personal touch, like a necklace with your name written on a grain of rice, a key chain you made on the spot, a cartoon painting, and other similar things. The live music that is played every night at the market is another thing you shouldn’t miss. If you want to treat your stomach well, you shouldn’t miss out on the chance to eat some Thai kebab on pita bread and some freshly made Thai crepes.

Thursday-Friday, 16:00-22:00.


Night Market in Chilva

A market that is very cool and has an atmosphere that is young and lively. Most of the items are real and made by hand, which is different from most Thai markets, which are full of brand names and fakes. Live music is being played right in the middle of the market, which adds to the lively atmosphere. The booths are set up in shipping containers from the port, and they sell natural cosmetics, sunglasses, and stylish, high-quality clothing. The hippie style can also be seen in trendy cafés, pubs, cute ice cream shops, and foods that are sold on the street that are very tasty.

Friday-Sunday, 17:00-23:00.


Malin Plaza Patong

There is a big covered market right in the middle of everything. You can find clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, and souvenirs, as well as everything else you might find in a market. However, the items are more creative and unique than those in other markets. Without a doubt, the most interesting thing about the market is the food. You can try everything, like sushi, fried chicken, a variety of different and tempting sweets, strange fruits, and refreshing drinks.

Every day 14:00-00:00.


OTOP Night Market

The OTOP Night Market is Located in the Jungceylon Grand Mall area of Phuket, Thailand’s Patong Beach. Even though most people think of it as a night market, it is actually open for most of the day. Most of the things for sale at the market are cheap souvenirs and fake goods. The food court isn’t very big, but the food, especially the Pad Thai, is very good and comes in a lot of different kinds. There are also a number of cozy pubs where you can relax with a cold drink and watch the game on TV.

Every day 10:00-22:00. Food stalls from 17:00.


Market at Karon Temple

A cute market that is only open for business on Tuesdays and Fridays each week. According to its name, the market is on Karon Beach, and in the evenings, it is the most interesting thing to do there. In the past few years, the market’s popularity has grown at a very fast rate. At the market, you can buy scented soaps, cosmetics made locally, and, of course, traditional street food. You can also buy unique shirts, colorful skirts, and sleeves with a certain style. There is also traditional street food for sale.

Tuesdays and Fridays, 16:00-22:00.


Kathu Market

There is a cute antique market right in the middle of the way from Phuket’s city center to Patong Beach. The market is still young, but it is becoming more and more popular quickly. The style and atmosphere are both lively and young. There are a lot of pubs and live band performances, as well as restaurants that serve local food. People who are more adventurous can pick from a wide range of fried bugs and worms. yummy

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 17:00-23:00.


Fun Friday Avenue Market

A small market that is only open on the weekends is on the way to Phuket’s lagoon. The market isn’t very big, and there aren’t any special things to see or do there. However, for people on vacation in the Bangtao Beach area, it is a convenient and worthwhile alternative. The market has a wide range of clothes, shoes, purses, and other things for sale. There are also live performances by local singers. You won’t go hungry at the market because it has so many different kinds of traditional Thai food, like fried noodles, soups, salads, and smoothies. One bar called “Tha Mexican” comes highly recommended, and it is hard to miss because it is right in the middle of the market.

Fridays, 16:00-22:00.


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