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When you think of a vacation in Thailand, you most likely regard this luxury holiday as one that is out of reach. However, getting there is way easier than you think. Thailand is one of the more affordable destinations. This is why, each year, you see millions of tourists roaming the streets of Bangkok and staying in amazing five-star hotels.

If you also want to enjoy a vacation in Thailand, the first thing you need to do is the planning. From the time you step on that plane for takeoff, you should know exactly what you can expect out of your holiday.

You may be wondering; how do you prepare for a trip to Thailand? Well, here is everything you need to know to help you plan your holiday to the land of smiles.

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Know the Best Time to Visit

In reality, Thailand has a year-round average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. This means that, if you really wanted to, you could visit at any time of the year. However, if you are someone who prefers to travel comfortably. As in you want to avoid extremely hot or wet weather, then the best time to visit is in the winter months. This dry, cool season is usually between November and early April. 

Keep in mind, that the best time to visit will depend on which part of Thailand you intend to travel to. This is because the climate varies between the Eastern and western coasts of Thailand. Also, in the north and south regions of the country.

If you do decide to go during the rainy season, March to September, then you benefit from affordability. Everything is a lot cheaper during these months.

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Winter in Thailand by Nathan Dumlao

Travel Independently or In a Group

Often, tourists are curious to know if traveling to Thailand in a group is better than traveling independently. The answer, however, depends on the person. You can travel to Thailand all by yourself, with a travel buddy, or with travel buddies. The choice is yours!

Research the Visa You Need

If you are thinking of traveling to Thailand, then you may be able to take advantage of the Visa exemption rule. You can find out more about this rule and what visa you need in the article Visa to Thailand | A Step-By-Step Guide or if you plan to stay here for longer, check our Long-Term Visa to Thailand Guide, we show all the different options you might consider. 

Know How to Access Your Money in Thailand

It is important to know that the currency used in Thailand is Thai Bhat. There are a variety of great mobile apps that allow for the tracking of currency conversion.

The method of payment that is widely accepted throughout Thailand is credit cards. If you find yourself needing to pay for something at a restaurant or mall, you can do so with your American Express, Visa, or Mastercard.

Make sure that you inform your bank of your trip to Thailand. Some banks deny or block unexpected charges from overseas.

It is also handy to keep some cash on you just in case you want to bargain at one of the local markets or buy street stall food. If you want to draw cash, there are ATMs all over, and they are both easy to find and use. Watch out for additional withdrawal fees!

Organize Your Travel Insurance

One of the necessities for every traveler, family or a digital nomad when it comes to traveling is travel insurance.

Regardless of where you are going, you need to know what your travel risks are, how to stay safe, and what travel insurance covers. If you wonder what is the best health insurance for Thailand or what is the cheapest travel insurance to Thailand, this article will cover exactly that.

The article “Best Travel Insurance to Travel in Thailand” will tell you everything you need to know about how to complete this step.

Choose Where to Go in Thailand

Finally, plan exactly where you want to go. Nature and animal lovers tend to go north, while beach bums and island hoppers tend to go south. However, there is nothing stopping you from getting a taste of everything Thailand has to offer.

Generally, a week to 10 days is more than enough time to do so. Spend a night in Bangkok, and explore attractions in the North. Then, spend some of your last days at one of the beaches in the South.

Know What to Pack

Due to its warm climate, packing is relatively easy and lightweight. As a heads up, the locals dress conservatively. Of course, you can wear that bikini to the beach, but try not to walk around the malls or markets in one.

When taking all the above into consideration, you are now just about ready to plan your trip to Thailand. Happy travels!

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