Working Spaces for Digital Nomads in Thailand

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As a very popular destination for backpackers from around the world, Thailand offers some of the best working spaces around. Thailand has always had a lot to offer its visitors, such as great food, beaches, bars, luxury five-star hotels, and amazing nightlife. As a result, it has evolved to cater to the digital needs of its many nomadic visitors.

The following are some of the best working spaces you will find during your next trip to Thailand.

Beachhub in Koh Phangan

As the name implies, Beachhub in Koh Phangan has its very own private white sands beach. Hence, beach lovers flock to this workspace to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of working on the beach. The high-speed fiber optics Wi-Fi can be enjoyed o the beachfront decks or in hammocks in the bamboo Skype room.


  • High-speed internet
  • Delicious organic food
  • Beach vibe

Kohub in Koh Lanta

First on our list is a space that is known for its laid-back atmosphere, which is popular among nomads who enjoy some quiet time away from the city. The Kohub in Koh Lanta offers the most advanced internet service, which you can enjoy while relaxing in your hammock. Additionally, the communal lunches are a great way to chat with friends from around the world.


  • Amazing garden
  • Great community
  • Excellent food and drinks

Punspace in Chiang Mai

This is a well-lit, comfortable, wide-open space that gives its users a feeling of relaxing in a quiet warehouse. Plenty of seating is available in the form of chairs and sofas which can be found both inside the building and outside. Get some fresh air and peace of mind while you catch up with your work.


  • Very affordable
  • Has three convenient locations
  • A good place to meet new people

The Hive in Bangkok

One of the most stylish places to work is The Hive in Bangkok, because of its modern design. With five floors of working area, there is plenty of space for you to work from. The reliable Wi-Fi, hot desks, Skype room, and free coffee and beer make this one of the best workspaces around. It also offers 24-hour access meaning you can be very flexible in your work schedule.


  • Great terrace
  • The best style and modern design
  • Free coffee and beer for members

HUBBA Thailand

The pioneer in Thailand workspaces, HUBBA Thailand offers members great networking opportunities because of its popularity. It hosts a lot of startup events that you will find beneficial while enjoying its great relaxed atmosphere. A great addition is a trampoline, which is available for a bit of exercise on your breaks!


  • Trampoline available for members
  • Open and refreshing workspace
  • Good food

Final Thoughts

Would you rather backpack through Thailand rather than stay at one of the many luxury five-star hotels available? Then take a look at these great working spaces to suit your nomadic lifestyle. 

Before choosing Thailand as your nomadic destination, it might help you to get a visa to Thailand or a long-term visa if you plan to stay for longer.

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