Which Islands in Thailand Should I Visit?

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When it comes to vacation planning, one of the most prevalent conundrums is deciding which islands to visit. The answer to this question is a compilation of a number of different factors, including the following:

In what month are we?
How much precipitation does the island get during this particular month?
Vibrant or quiet?
Do you prefer quiet or boisterous entertainment?
Do you prefer going to the sights or relaxing on the beach by yourself?
Do you want to go from one activity to the next or do you simply want to rest?
how much time do you now have available?
Is there enough time to visit only one island, or would we have to combine visits to two or more islands?
Where exactly on the map are we? Which islands are next to one another and may be joined together?

In this post, I will discuss the many well-known islands in very basic terms. I will also make an effort to assign ratings for each island based on the numerous essential elements that I specified, and I will provide a brief description of each island so that you may choose one with more ease. It is essential to underline that there are a great many additional islands; nevertheless, in this article, I will focus on the islands that are most recognizable to you.

Where exactly are the islands located?

Before selecting islands, it is essential to have a solid understanding of their locations, thus in the interest of brevity and clarity, I will attempt to categorize the islands and coastal cities into a number of distinct geographic regions:
Southwest Islands (Andaman Sea): Phuket, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, Khao Lak, Koh Lanta, Koh Yao and more.
Koh Samui, Ko Phangan, and Koh Tao are some of the South East Islands in the Gulf of Thailand.
Hua Hin is located on the northwest coast of Thailand, which faces the Gulf of Thailand.
Pattaya and the surrounding region make up the northeast coastlines of the Gulf of Thailand.
Koh Chang, Koh Mak, and Koh Kood are located in the Gulf of Thailand and are some of the easternmost islands in Thailand.


December through April are the best months to pay a visit. Who would be a good candidate for this? Enthusiasts of entertainment and other tourist attractions.
The score for beaches is 7, the score for attractions is 10, and the score for natural beauty and the outdoors is 6.
The biggest island in Thailand, Phuket is also the most popular tourist destination and the only island that is linked to the Thai mainland by a bridge. There are 885 kilometers between Bangkok and the island, which is located in the Andaman Sea. The island is replete with beautiful inlets and beaches that have fine powdered sand and are framed by swaying coconut trees. You may discover in Phuket innumerable activities, delights, and attractions ideal for every vehicle, from singles to families with children of all ages, due to the island’s vastness and attractiveness. Bars, dance clubs of every kind, and cabaret performances are all part of the exciting nighttime scene. The majority of Phuket’s beaches are located on the island’s western coast, and visitors may choose among beaches that are known for their high levels of activity, which have a wide variety of activities and entertainment options, or beaches that are known for their relative seclusion. The island is serviced by a number of planes coming from a wide variety of locations thanks to its airport.

Koh Phi Phi

December through April are the best months to pay a visit. Who would be a good candidate for this? Calming and reassuring romantics
Score for beautiful scenery and nature: 9; score for entertainment: 3; score for attractions: 5; score for beaches: 8
The island is located around the same distance from both Karbi and the south eastern point of Phuket. It was formerly regarded to be one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, but after being severely impacted by the tsunami and subsequently restored, it became more commercialized and congested, and it ultimately lost part of its allure. The island retains its natural beauty, which consists of dazzlingly white sand beaches, azure waters, towering cliffs made of limestone, and reefs teeming with vibrant corals. There are six islands that make up the Ko Phi Phi group of islands, although only two of them are well-known and popular tourist destinations. The first and biggest of the islands is Phi Phi Don, which is also the only one that has people living on it. Phi Phi Leh is the name of the second member of Phi Phi. On the islands, there is no traffic of any kind, including cars. The beaches are beautiful, but it is highly busy due to the enormous number of people relative to the size of the island. The south coast is even more congested than the rest of the coast due to the large number of boats and ferries that are moored there. The only activities available on the island are going to Phi Phi Leh Island and climbing to the observation point. Other than that, there is not much else to do. The only way to reach the island is via boat.

Krabi Province

December through April are the best months to pay a visit. Who would be a good candidate for this? Those who like boat outings and the great outdoors.
Scores are as follows: 9 for natural beauty and scenery, 5 for entertainment, 8 for attractions, and 8 for beaches.
Krabi is one of the most stunning provinces in Thailand. Its major city is named Krabi Town, and it is located close to a number of the country’s most well-known beaches, including Phra Nang and Railay Beach. The region has natural preserves, waterfalls, cliffs, and caverns, in addition to over 150 enchanted islands that boast breathtaking turquoise sea, palm palms, and blue sky, making it an ideal location for a holiday with a significant other or with the whole family. The district and the city that bears its name are located on the coast of the Andaman Sea on the western side of the southern region of the nation, about 820 kilometers south of Bangkok. It serves as a gateway to the islands and beaches that are located in the area. A trip to Krabi outside of the high season is not one that I would suggest since the city is almost empty and there are no excursions available. Krabi Town Although it is not especially noteworthy, it is the location of the Krabi airport, which handles a limited number of aircraft each day. Some of the beaches in Krabi are only accessible by boat, while others may be accessed by car as well.

Khao Lak

December through April are the best months to pay a visit. Who would be a good candidate for this? Vacationers who like sailing vacations, scuba diving, and taking it easy.
The score for beauty and nature was 9, and the score for entertainment was 3, and the score for attractions was 5, and the score for beaches was 6.
An hour’s journey to the north of Phuket will bring you to the beach town of Khao Lak, which is situated on the mainland along the coast of the Andaman Sea. Because there are not as many people here and the activities that are available, this section of beach is one of the more peaceful ones that can be found. It has three natural preserves in its surrounding region, and along its beaches you’ll find some of the most opulent hotels in the world. The beaches of Khao Lak begin in Khao Lak beach in the south and continue for a distance of thirty kilometers all the way up to Takua Pa in the north. Only those who wish to visit the diving destinations of Similan and Surin Islands (an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half sailing, closed off-season), in the Khao Sok Nature Reserve (an hour drive to the reserve and two hours to the lake), or those who wish to relax and take advantage of the wonderful and especially affordable hotels are the only people I would recommend staying in Khao Lak. You may drive to Khao Lak, or you can take a shuttle from Phuket International Airport.

Koh Samui

January through September are the best months to make the trip. Who would be a good candidate for this? Enthusiasts of entertainment and other tourist attractions.
The score for beaches is 8, the score for attractions is 9, and the score for natural beauty and the surrounding environment is 8.
The third biggest island in Thailand, Koh Samui can be found in the Gulf of Thailand and is situated 644 kilometers to the south of Bangkok. It is known as “Coconut Island” because to the extensive coconut industry that can be found on the island. This tropical paradise has a backdrop that is absolutely befitting of its name, with white beaches, turquoise ocean, coconut palms, and exquisite hotels. The island has been experiencing a huge transition since the turn of the century, with glamorous 5-star hotels and opulent bungalows replacing the primitive thatched cottages that were formerly found on the island. Koh Samui is now considered to be one of the most desirable islands, and its beaches are regarded as some of the most desirable in all of Southeast Asia. Although there are others who believe that as a result, its natural attractiveness and allure have been diminished, I still consider it to be one of the most beautiful islands. And anyone will be able to find what they are seeking for there, whether they are looking for a busy entertainment or for a peaceful and calm environment. It is appropriate for single people, married couples, or families with young children. The island is ideal for families for a variety of reasons, including the extensive selection of hotels that feature family rooms, the abundance of restaurants serving western cuisine, the accessibility of the roads, the availability of western-style medical services, and the abundance of tourist attractions. There are beaches that are bustling, as well as beaches that are modest and calm and tranquil.

Koh Phangan

January through September are the best months to make the trip. Who would be a good candidate for this? Aficionados of enchanted beaches and wild parties.
The score for natural attractiveness is an 8. Entertainment score: 3-10 (depends on Full moon). The score for attractions is 3, while the score for beaches is 9.
Koh Phangan is known as the “wild younger brother” of Koh Samui and is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. It is situated 15 kilometers to the north of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. The interior of the island is rugged, and it is encircled on all sides by a breathtaking underwater environment that is filled with coral reefs. The island is notably popular and well-known for the spectacular events that are hosted on it. It has a distinct vibe and is particularly well-liked by younger travelers who are into backpacking, but in recent years an increasing number of families have started making the trip there. It is far less developed than Koh Samui, and many of its roads are not paved. Additionally, several of its beaches can only be reached by boat. It reaches its pinnacle once a month when the moon is full and the full moon party is hosted on the island, which is when it is most crowded with people. The number of tourists visiting the island is proportional to the size of the moon. Aside from the wild parties and the rowdy lifestyle that goes along with them They like the island’s natural and untamed beauty, as well as its numerous secluded areas, the fact that it is less commercialized than the other islands, and the fact that it is more affordable than those larger islands. The island has been subjected to a process of managed growth, which has enabled it to keep its carefree, youthful vibe while still providing an increasing number of activities geared toward families. It is only possible to reach the island by boat.

Koh Tao

January through September are the best months to make the trip. Who would be a good candidate for this? Those that like spending time alone and diving.
The score for beaches is 8, the score for entertainment and attractions is 3, and the score for nature and beauty is 7.
A little island known as Koh Tao may be found in the Gulf of Thailand approximately 38 kilometers to the north of the island known as Koh Phangan. This has led to a boom in the diving industry on the island, which has quickly led to the accelerated development of all services which are required for divers, primarily hotels, restaurants, shops, and tourist services. In recent years, the island has gained a reputation as one of the leading sites in the world for learning to dive around the rich sea world and its coral reefs. I can think of no other reason to visit the island except to learn how to dive and then dive. It can only be reached by boat, but it is quite affordable.

Pro tip: If you have only 2 week to spend and you want to see the best of al islands, check out the ISLAND HOPPING ITINERARY FOR THAILAND, a day-by-day guide for your island hopping vacation in Thailand.


Hua Hin

All 12 months of the year are good times to pay a visit. Who would be a good candidate for this? Nature lovers who also like shopping without having to worry about flying.
Scores for attractions, entertainment, and beaches are as follows: 6 for attractions, 6 for entertainment, and 7 for beaches.
About two hundred kilometers to the south of Bangkok lies the city of Hua Hin, which can be found on the western coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Because it is one of the most important cities in the nation, a large number of people from surrounding areas migrate to it. Residents of Bangkok, in particular, find that it is a pleasant place to spend their weekends and holidays. The city’s nightlife does not rank among the most rowdy in Thailand; instead, it is comprised of pubs and dens that provide billiards, and there is an overall feeling of calm in the air. Hua Hin is often regarded as the driest city in Thailand and is thus worthy of tourism throughout the year. The city offers five kilometers of beaches, some of which are better than others, bustling night markets, stunning retail malls, seafood restaurants, and very opulent hotels. Additionally, there are two magnificent natural reserves situated within an hour’s drive of the city. The Kaeng Krachan Nature Reserve, which is Thailand’s biggest, is located to the west of the city, while the Khao Sam Roi Yot Nature Reserve is located to the city’s south. The city does not have its own airport, thus getting there from Bangkok requires a three-hour car ride.


November through July are the best months to make the trip. Who would be a good candidate for this? Those that like going to sights as well as nightlife.
Score for beaches: 5 out of 10. Score for attractions: 10 out of 10. Score for natural beauty and landscape: 5 out of 10.
The city located about an hour and a half’s drive southeast of Bangkok is often considered to be the most contentious location in all of Thailand. Pattaya is a resort city with beaches, a huge variety of hotels, a lively nightlife with a large concentration of dance clubs, bars, and adult clubs of all kinds, but it also has a variety of attractions that have turned it from a paradise for men into a paradise for families. Pattaya’s beaches are some of the best in Thailand, and it has a lively nightlife with a large concentration of dance clubs, bars, and adult clubs of all kinds. You are able to prolong your vacation by traveling to the adjacent island of Koh Samet, the farther away island of Koh Chang, or even Cambodia, which is a neighboring country. Pattaya features something like three different beach strips, with the ones to the south and north being excellent options for families and the one in the center being less so. The region around Pattaya is home to a bewildering number of tourist destinations that are suitable for people of all ages, such as aquariums, an open zoo, botanical gardens, one of the top water parks in the world, a coral island, a miniature park, a crocodile farm, and many more. Additionally, it is home to some of the most cost-effective retail complexes and marketplaces in all of Thailand. It is my opinion that the Centara Grand Mirage Hotel in Pattaya is the greatest family hotel in all of Thailand. It is a 5-star hotel with a private beach and a large water park, and it is located in Pattaya. Pattaya has an airport located to the south of the city, and it is possible to drive to this airport as well.

Koh Chang

November through April are the best months to pay a visit. Who would be a good candidate for this? The romantics of the islands in days gone by.
8 points for attractiveness and natural features; 5 points for entertainment; 7 points for attractions; and 9 points for beaches.
The island is the second biggest in Thailand and can be found around 310 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. It is also situated not too far from the border with Cambodia. The seas around the island are described as being warm, transparent, and a greenish-emerald color; the beaches are described as being white; and the island is home to a national park that is rugged, rocky, and covered with forest. The western side of the island is home to the majority of the island’s beaches; each of these beaches have a unique personality and caters to a certain kind of tourist; in addition, each of these beaches offers a variety of lodging, entertainment, and activity choices. Everyone, from families to honeymooning couples to solo travelers on a budget will be able to discover what they’re searching for here. In recent years, there has been significant development concentrated mostly in the central and northern portions of the west coast’s beaches, yet despite this, they still retain their natural beauty. It has a greater number of simple bungalows than luxurious hotels. The primary pursuits on the island include lazing about, participating in water sports, going scuba diving or snorkeling at the coral reefs that are located nearby, and hiking through the jungles that are found inside the national park. The island receives the most rainfall in all of Thailand; as a result, the majority of the island’s tourism-related establishments are forced to shut down during the country’s wettest months, and the island itself becomes entirely desolate. The only way to get to the island is via boat, and you may fly or drive to get to the pier in Trat, which is where the boats leave from.

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