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Summer is just around the corner. Perhaps you are planning to spend your family holiday or vacation abroad.  There are many good places to spend your holiday, but Thailand is considered one of the best. If you are in Thailand, don’t forget to visit the province of Chon Buri. This place has many things to offer to make your vacation unforgettable.

Chonburi Overview

Chonburi is a province and a city located in the east part of Thailand. This is 83 kilometers or two hours’ drive from Bangkok City.  Chonburi or Mueang Chon has been a very popular seaside settlement of the eastern shoreline for a very long time. Also, it is an agricultural place of different economic plants like cassava, sugar cane, and Para rubber trees; this is a place of the ESDP or eastern seaboard development project and considerable industrial factories.

From chronological evidence, this province has been established since the time of Ayutthaya. Originally, it takes account of many small municipalities like MueangBang Pla Soi, Mueang Bang Sai, and Mueang Bang Phra. Afterward, King Rama V united these municipalities as one resulting in Chonburi Province.

How to Get Chonburi

When traveling to Chonburi, you need to be aware of the transportation available to make your journey stress-free. You can reach Chonburi in many ways, such as:

By Car

From Bangkok airport, there are a lot of routes to take to reach Chonburi, such as:

Highway 34, Bang Na-Trat heading to Chonburi

Highway 304, Bangkok- Minburi- you need to pass Chachoengsao province then to Bang Pakong into Chonburi.

You can also head to Sukhumvit road, then highway 3, pass Samut Prakan to the Bang Pakong District intersection enter highway 34 to Chonburi.

By Train

You can also reach the place by train. From Hualamphong station, there’s one daily train operating to Phlu Ta Luang Railway Station.

By Bus

The most excellent way to reach this province is to ride the city of bus from the Bangkok Airport bus terminal. A free bus operates 24 hours between the arrival terminal and the terminal. From the terminal, it’s 85 kilometers to Chonburi, and it takes approximately one hour and ten minutes.

From Ekamai or Eastern Bus Terminal, there are a lot of air-conditioned buses heading to Chonburi every forty minutes.

There are also private buses that depart from Southern Bus Terminal. Aircon bused to Pattaya operates every day beside the Bang Na Trat road and stops at Rot Rungrueng Company.


There are many things to do and see in Chonburi. This province will assure you of a happy and memorable holiday. Make sure to keep these details in mind to make your journey stress-free.

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