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Are you planning to visit Thailand this summer? If so, don’t forget to drop by at one of the go-to places in the country, Koh Chang.  This is one of the best places in Thailand that offers amazing scenery for every guest.

Chang means elephant in the Thai language and signifies something which has the feature of being gigantic or large.  Koh Chang is a big island in Thailand Gulf and also the 2nd biggest island in the country. This is also regarded as Thailand’s National Park due to its stunning nature, warm weather, as well as seasonal delights.

Unlike any other popular island, it’s the incomparable island tourists both local and international can go to regardless of the seasons as its plentiful resources are present and always ready to welcome local and international tourists and endorse its mysterious secrecy to everyone.

With its copious resources as well as all-year modest weather, guests and visitors can go to diverse places. It has its very unique nature, as well as regions, permitted tourists and guests to visit an array of tourist attractions and at the same time experience the wild adventure the Marine National Park offer. Its remarkable natural spa, white sand beaches, as well as relaxation will surely keep guests busy and enjoyable. Can you defy going into the clean and sparkling water and climbing back to a hand-crafted coconut bed? That is virtually impracticable for international guests and locals as well.

This amazing island has a secret and has a bloody background. This historical place was situated southern shoreline near Ao Salak Phet,  in which a lot of guesthouses, as well as SHA plus hotels, are situated.

One amazing place to visit is the Navy Operation site, wherein guests can figure out the history of the island, which includes the unforgettable battle, the fight of January 17, 1921, which happened here on the island. Yearly, during the month of January, guests are welcome to go to the island and know the conventional rituals and the floating of garlands in commemoration of people who died as well as waste their lives in the bloody navy encounter on the island.

Traveling Koh Chang will give you and your family and friends lots of fun and excitement. This is one of the best places that you shouldn’t miss if you choose to travel to Thailand. There are many things to do and see in Koh Chang for kids and adults alike.

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