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Visiting a new country or a new place can be exciting and fun. One very stunning country that is worth visiting is Thailand. There are a lot of places to see and a lot of things to do; it will be hard for you to choose which part of Thailand to go to first. The Phi Phi Islands must definitely be at the top of the list.


The Phi Phi Islands are a remarkable tourist destination. This is located between the Big Island of Phuket and the Andaman sea coast of the mainland. If you love snorkeling, you are able to witness the most remarkable fish and amazing coral; it’s absolutely breathtaking. Activities take account of cliff jumping, shark watching, shopping as well as exploring. You will never have a boring moment in this place. If you’re the type who loves a tour, there are a lot of low prices available.


The Phi Phi Islands were the location for the renowned movie The Beach. Thanks to this movie, the tourist in the area really picked up. Even if the area was destroyed badly in the 2004 tsunami, almost the whole thing has been rebuilt.


If you are considering Phi Phi Island travel, searching for a place to stay with friends and family is not a nerve-wracking task. The Island is surrounded by a well-known and SHA plus resorts and hotels. The Vacation Inn Resort is perhaps known as the most luxurious resort with 77 suites. Another renowned hotel is the Phi Phi IS Cabana Hotel. It has 162 suites armed with fashionable amenities as well as the best facilities. There are also lots of affordable seaside vacation rentals in the area, thus making your Phi Phi Island travel more exciting.


The place boasts only two seasons: the hot season, which lasts from January to April, and the rainy season that lasts from May to December. The temperature during the year average is 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not bad for visiting. Rainfall comes down heavily over short periods.


The beauty of this Island is what gets the attention of many visitors, both locals and international and keeps them coming back. The affordability of the area is what enables a lot of people to go to this place. Hotel rates are a lot lower than what many people expect.


If you love the nightlight, then good news as there are many pubs and bars to take pleasure in. They are simple to find and centrally located and not what you would look forward to. While bands in the bars might stop playing at two in the morning, bars are likely to serve drinks provided that they have clients. Not like other parts of the world, you feel safer in the bars, and all want to have a good time.


Regardless if you want to watch sharks, see rare fishes, or party the night away, the Phi Phi Islands could be the destination you are seeking. The prices are low, and the place is very amazing and inviting. Traveling to Phi Phi Islands should be included in your vacation bucket list.

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