Traveling in Phetchaburi

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Traveling in Phetchaburi

Phetchaburi is a noticeable timeline of kingdoms that have wandered and transferred in Southeast Asia. During the eleventh century, the kingdom of Khmer settled in, even if their control was short-lived. The kingdom of Khmer power gone, this place became a strategic royal fort during Thailand based Sukhothai and Ayuthaya empires. It thrives as a trading post between Ayuthaya and Myanmar in the seventeenth century, formerly known as Burma. Even if the great temples of the late capital were ruined, this place is often called a Living Ayuthaya as the small but similar ones live on.

An easy escape from Phetchaburi must be on each cultural travelers bucket list. This unique place offers a lot of magnificent attractions to travelers; it has palaces, temples as well as cave shrines. Also known as Phetburi, this place remains an untouched and mainly untouristed town, complete with old teak shop houses and riverside markets. It’s an excellent town for random wandering and makes a good stop on your way to some of the best and stunning beaches.

Phetchaburi is a stunning place. Now, it is visited by many tours all through the year. If you have a plan of visiting this place with family or friends, then there are some essential things you must know that would assist you to have an unforgettable holiday. As for the ideal visiting time, you can go to this place as per your preference. On the other hand, avoid going to Phetchaburi in April because of the extreme heat. As of heavy rains, your trip can get affected from July until October.

The best time to visit Phetchaburi is during the month of August and December as the time sees major tourist influx, and if you want to keep away from the heavy crowds, you might visit the place in May, June as well as September.  Travel around Phetchaburi in the best seasons and make the most out of your holiday. A little bit of guidance, as well as research, would surely make your travel to Phetchaburi stress-free and easier.  No more worrying about high rates of airlines tickets to this place because there are a lot of sites where you can search and book cheap flights to Phetchaburi and get great last-minute airfare deals.

If you are planning to spend your vacation in Thailand, don’t forget to visit Phetchaburi. This place has so many things to offer to each and every visitor.

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