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Located on the northern coast of Thailand, Cha-am is a small town that has developed into a tourist attraction for its white sand beach, windsurfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The town’s chefs have made the town famous for its seafood dishes, including appetizers called gung. These are slow-cooked in coconut milk, served with white rice, and are best eaten at night when the light of the sun turns the beach into a landscape of brilliant colors. But here are the top 5 restaurants in Cha-am.


Brezza restaurant in Cha-am has a unique location. It is built on a hill at a place called “White Hill” and quite a long way from the city center. Yet one of the best things about this restaurant is the level of the service. The staff is always very friendly and attentive, and they really know how to be helpful to their customers.

Luna Lanai restaurant

Luna Lanai is a new restaurant located on Cha Am beach road, overlooking the sea. With an open view of the ocean, you can see both the sunset and the stars. To give you an idea of the atmosphere, the food is greatly influenced by the sea. The combination of scallops, sea urchins, clams, and more is really delicious. And the food is tasty and affordable.

Sundara Sports Lounge

Most of the restaurants in Chiang Mai are of a high standard, but Sundara Sports Lounge is one of the few places that can truly claim to be “the best of the best.” They’re the only restaurant in the city that’s owned and operated by a Thai and a British chef and is for this reason (and because of the unique designs on the menu), it is often said to be the finest Thai restaurant in Chiang Mai.

InAzia restaurant

InAzia is a Thai restaurant in the heart of Cha-am, a small town on the west coast of Thailand. It’s one of the most popular restaurants in town.

Salas Pool restaurant

Salas is a restaurant that serves the best seafood in Thailand. It has been declared one of the best restaurants in Thailand.


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