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Regardless of where you travel or the five-star hotels you attend, checking how the weather is at that place helps you get an idea of the clothes you need to take with you and the places you can visit depending on where you go. Thailand is not an exception to that, and the weather can change a lot depending on the month you visit the country. 

Are you looking to visit Thailand in the future but don’t know what to expect from its weather? This is the page for you, so read on if you want to know how the weather in Thailand is in summer and winter! 


Summer in Thailand often starts in March and ends in June, and we recommend you take fresh clothes if you are traveling to Thailand in summer since temperatures can get to 40 C. Thailand is this hot even at night, so don’t think it’s going to change depending on the hour you go out. 

Regardless of that, you may enjoy this weather if you come from a hot city or like sunny days a lot. It’s not usual to see rain in summer, so you shouldn’t worry about that. 

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Summer in Thailand by Wil Stewart


If you want to visit a country to see snow as you would see in other countries’ winters, Thailand is not the one for you. This country doesn’t have a snowy winter, but it’s still less hot than summer, which is great for people who don’t like hot weather a lot. 

Winter is the best season to visit Thailand since it’s when the weather cools off. Nevertheless, we recommend you still take light clothes with you since it still reaches high temperatures. Thailand is known for being a hot country, and you can verify that by yourself once you get there, so don’t let it catch you by surprise. 

You should be aware of the rainy and dry seasons in the country, so here is a brief explanation of them: 

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Winter in Thailand by Nathan Dumlao

Rainy Season 

The rainy season in Thailand comes usually goes from September to December, and as happens in other countries, it causes rain in Thailand daily.

As a result, it’s more difficult to go to places such as Bangkok’s floating markets or other beautiful places to visit, so be mindful of these before planning your next visit to the country. 

Dry Season

Thailand’s dry season goes from November to March, and it’s one of the best times to go to the country since it mostly has weather and low humidity levels. Don’t expect rain or any form of precipitation during the dry season. Unlike how it happens in other places, having a dry season doesn’t mean higher temperatures in Thailand. 

Final Thoughts 

The month when you visit Thailand can change your amazing visit like you could never imagine, so being aware of all the weather changes there are usually in this country helps you make better plans if you want to visit the country in the future. You should be good to go by knowing what you read on this page. 

Regardless of that, it’s always okay to check how things are in Thailand, and there are many tourist apps that let you know how the weather is there and most of the events scheduled for each season. 

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