How to enter Thailand during Covid times

So you decided it’s time to head to the most beautiful place in the world – Thailand!

A lot of rumors are circulating and this causes confusion …
•  Can I enter Thailand?
•  Can’t I?
•  How to enter?
•  Vaccinated people also need quarantine?
•  Where can I find up-to-date information?

These are the steps required to obtain a final entry permit (COE) into Thailand: 

Step 1 – Apply for a Visa

The first step is to check if you need a Visa, and understand which visa you should apply for.

Some countries offer visa exemptions for tourist planning to stay less than 45 days in Thailand.

You can check if you need a visa and apply for a visa here

Step 2 – Book hotels and flights
Step 3 – Insurance

travel insurance is required in order to enter Thailand. The insurance must meet the requirements of the Embassy of Thailand. The insurance must be valid for the entire period of your stay in Thailand and must explicitly include COVID-19 coverage of a minimum of $ 100,000. An insurance policy without this explicit coverage will result in the refusal of the application for entry to Thailand.  After a long research we found the SafetyWing insurance approved by the Thai government, significantly cheaper than any other insurance we found along the way and also covers any expense related to the Covid – even without symptoms.

Step 4 – COE – Certification Of Entry 

COE This is the entry confirmation form that must be filled out (online) after you have all the documents you collected on the way. You can find the form here .

The form must be completed in two steps.

The first step is to fill in personal details, emergency contact information and contact information in Thailand (the first SHA hotel).

You must also include the travel insurance which includes explicit coverage for COVID-19 and a passport photo, so it is advisable that you have all the documents in digital format in one neat folder (!)

pay attention:

– Travel insurance must include coverage of at least $100,000. An insurance policy without explicit coverage in numbers will not be accepted.

– A vaccine certificate must be presented which includes the dates of receipt of the two vaccines.

– The last vaccine must be at least two weeks before arrival in Thailand.

– The certificate must include a barcode which will be scanned by the authorities upon arrival.

– The passport must be valid for at least six months after arrival. ​

The first step is automatically approved and at the end you will receive a code that must be saved in order to proceed to the second step.

In the second step you will upload the flight tickets, the hotel booking confirmation (and payment for the Covid tests) and then all that is left is to wait.

pay attention:

– The flight tickets must be round trip, so that they include the date of flight to Thailand and the date of flight back to Israel.

– Confirmation of booking an ASQ hotel or SHA hotel.

– Tourists arriving Phuket or Koh Samui must present a hotel booking confirmation for the first two weeks (it is possible to split into several hotels, but the first week must be in one hotel only).

– The SHABA certificate must be presented, which is a document confirming that you purchased three Covid tests through the first hotel you booked.

– After filling out the form, you will wait up to 3 business days for the form to be approved by the embassy.

The certificate received must be printed and brought to the flight. 

Step 5 – Prepare require documents before you go out to the airport

List of documents to bring with you on the flight:

1. Passport and passport photo 

2. Flight tickets (round trip)

3. Entry permit for Thailand (COE)

4. Full and signed declaration form

5. Complete and signed T8 form

6. Confirmation of hotel reservation

7. Health insurance covering more than 100,000 USD

8. Confirmation of ordering three Covis test (SHABA)

9. Download the Thailand Plus app

10. Covid RT-PCR should be performed up to 72 hours before departure

More details about the Sandbox program

According to The Sandbox program, vaccinated tourists can enter Phuket, without isolation, at a hotel where staff members are vaccinated (SHA Hotel) for the first two weeks of the trip. After the two weeks in Phuket, tourists can continue touring the rest of Thailand indefinitely.  The program has been approved and embassies are distributing entry permits to Thailand under the new outline.  Koh Phangan, Koh Samui and Koh Tao are opened in a layout similar to that of Phuket, but full details have not yet been released.

Who can enter Phuket under the sandbox program?

– Vaccinated tourists who come from low- and medium-risk countries

– Unvaccinated children under the age of 6 accompanied by vaccinated parents.

– Unvaccinated children aged 6-18 accompanied by vaccinated parents (but they will have to undergo a Covid test when arriving in Thailand).

* (Unvaccinated tourists are required to stay in quarantine for 15 days  in designated ASQ hotels.

Details of entering Phuket
Vaccinated tourists (2 vaccines) who present a vaccine certificate and a negative Covid test will be allowed to board a direct flight to Phuket after presenting a hotel booking certificate that meets the SHA Plus standard (in these hotels 70% of the staff are vaccinated).

All entrants to Thailand must complete the COE entry clearance form.

  –  Please note that when submitting the COE entry confirmation form you will be asked to confirm SHABA approval – this is a document confirming that you have booked three Covid tests through the first hotel where you will be staying.

Those entering Phuket must land directly in Phuket, without stopping in Bangkok. 

4. Upon arrival in Thailand, they will take a Covid test and stay “no less than 14 days” (a total of 15 days) in Phuket at the hotel bearing the SHA Plus certification.

5. When booking the hotel they will also pay in advance for three Covid testa (one on arrival and two more at the hotel).
After 6-7 days in Phuket the tourists will take the second Covid test. 
After 12-13 days the tourists will be able to take the a final Covid test and on the 15th they will be able to go on a trip all over Thailand. 

To search for hotels in Phuket that have received the SHA Plus certificate

pay attention:​

– The cost of three Covid tests is 8000 baht. 

– The cost of two Covid tests (for tourists arriving for 8 days or less) is 5200 baht.

– The cost of testing for children under 6 is 2400 baht.

– Tourists who continue to travel in Thailand will have to undergo a Covid test before returning to the country (estimated cost of 4000 baht).

Koh Samui Island was also opened to the vaccinated in a slightly different format – “Samui Plus”

– Upon arrival the tourists will undergo a Covid test.

– For the first three days you will be in isolation at the hotel.

– On days 4-7 you can tour outside the hotel but only accompanied by a tour guide.

– On the seventh day, a second Covid test will be performed.

On days 8-14 you can also tour the nearby islands, Koh phangan and Koh Tao. 

-After two weeks and a third (and negative) Covid test, you can go hiking freely all over Thailand. 

Search for hotels in Koh Samui under the outline Samui plus

The government has made it clear that a sharp rise in Covid cases (as we see in the big cities) will lead to a halt in entry and therefore it is worth staying up to date with official publications