Thailand Elite Visa is discontinued 

The previous benefits and pricing are no longer available to new applicants.
Thailand Privilege (rebranded from “Thailand Elite”) is issued under the Tourism Authority of Thailand as a hospitality membership program including a 5-20 year multiple-entry visa.

If you’re looking for a fast track to a second residency, the Thailand Privilege visa might be right for you. But what is this visa, and how can you get one? We’ll explore everything you need to know about the Thailand Privilege visa, from requirements to benefits. Whether you’re looking to retire in Thailand or just want an easier way to travel there, read on to learn more about this unique visa program.


5 year individual program (Elite Easy Access)

If you are looking for an Elite Visa that provides easy access to Thailand, the 5 year individual program (Elite Easy Access) is a great option. This program offers many benefits, including:

  • The membership fee is 600,000 THB for 1 person
  • A 5 year visa that allows multiple entries into Thailand
  • Access to over 70 VIP airport lounges worldwide
  • Priority entry and express immigration at select Thai airports
  • Complimentary limousine transfer between the airport and your hotel or residence in Thailand
  • Invitations to exclusive events and privileges at world-renowned hotels and resorts

Whether you are looking to retire in Thailand, purchase a second home, or simply enjoy extended vacations in this beautiful country, the 5 year individual program (Elite Easy Access) is the perfect option for you.

Many applicants selected this option as the most affordable option for individuals who travel to Thailand frequently.

5 year family program (Elite Family Excursion)

The Thailand Elite Visa Memberships offers a 5 year family program for families who want to enjoy all that Thailand has to offer. The program includes a family of four traveling to Thailand and staying for up to 30 days at a time. The program also includes access to a private concierge, airport lounge, and other benefits. With most affordable fees, it’s the ideal membership for couples or families who make frequent trips to Thailand.

You can enjoy everything Thailand has to offer by having your family move along with you if you are planning to move to Thailand. The Elite Family Excursion offers a wide range of interesting features and attractions that will appeal to you and your family members, including beautiful natural attractions and famous Thai hospitality.

  • The membership fee is 800,000 THB for 2 people
  • Every additional family member is 300,000 THB
  • Multiple-entry visa for five years with an extendable one-year stay per entry

You and your loved ones don’t have to spend time at the airport, which means you have more time to enjoy the trip. Elite Family Excursion is a 5-year membership and requires at least two applicants to apply together. In addition to getting through the airport and immigration procedures quickly, Elite Family Excursions members will receive complimentary airport transfers, both short and long-distance, to the hotel of your choice.

10 year individual program (Elite Privilege Access)

As a Thailand Elite Visa member, you will have access to our exclusive 10 year individual program. This program provides you with a dedicated account manager who will work with you to tailor a bespoke itinerary, as well as a personal concierge to assist with any requests you may have. In addition, you will enjoy privileged access to a range of VIP services and benefits, including airport lounge access, Fast Track immigration and customs clearance, and invitations to exclusive events.

The Elite Privilege Access membership package offers 10-year membership validity, extra privileges, and the option to extend immediate family at a special fee.

There were comments that 5 years of validity was too short and 20 years of validity was too long, so Thailand Privilege Card created two 10 year memberships: Elite Privilege Access for individuals who prefer extra benefits, and Elite Family Alternative for individuals with family members.

  • The membership fee is 1 Million THB for 1 person
  • Every additional family member is 800,000 THB

Among all the main privileges, you will enjoy VIP airport service, an Elite Personal Assistant, an exclusive airport lounge, and an airport electric cart to take you to an exclusive fast track immigration line at the airport. When you are in Thailand, Elite Personal Liaison will be there to assist you and a 24/7 member contact center will handle all your needs. 

In addition, Elite Privilege Access provides up to 18 limousine airport transfers between the airport and your destination.

10 year family program (Elite Family Alternative)

The Thailand Elite Visa Alternative is designed for families who want to enjoy the benefits of long-term visa status without having to renew their visa every year. The program offers a range of benefits that can be enjoyed by the whole family, including airport lounge access, concierge services, and discounts on travel and accommodation. The 10-year visa will allow you to stay in Thailand for up to 90 days per year, giving you the flexibility to travel as often as you like.

  • The membership fee is 800,000 THB for 1 person
  • Every additional family member is 700,000 THB

Regardless of whether you are traveling for a long time or settling down in Thailand, Elite Family Alternative ensures you and your family maximum enjoyment and allows you to use your time in Thailand to the fullest extent. With Elite’s personal assistant, you’ll never waste time at the airport. Members also receive assistance with contacting government agencies (immigration department, mandatory 90-day reporting procedure), opening bank accounts, obtaining driving licenses, and 24/7 member contact centers.

The Elite Visa Alternative ensures you and your family make the most of your valuable time in Thailand, whether you are there for a short vacation or an extended retreat.

20 year individual program (Elite Superiority Extension)

The Thailand Elite Superiority Extension program is designed for individuals who wish to extend their visa for an additional 20 years. This program provides members with a wide range of benefits and privileges, including access to a dedicated concierge service, invitations to exclusive events, and a personal assistant. It doesn’t include the limo transfer service and you can’t add family members.

  • The membership fee is 1 Million THB for 1 person

When you become a Thailand Elite member with the Elite Superiority Extension, you will be able to shape your life in Thailand and get proper documentation, so you will not have to worry about bureaucracy or the legal maze that often comes with such a big change.

20 year individual with full benefits (Elite Ultimate Privilege)

Introducing the transferrable card! As a Thailand Elite Member, you will receive a 20-year visa with full benefits. This includes multiple-entry into Thailand, as well as access to a dedicated concierge service. You will also enjoy special privileges at selected hotels and golf courses, as well as invitations to exclusive events. 

Among Thailand Elite’s memberships, this one is the best. An investment, businessman, frequent visitor to Thailand, or anyone looking to enjoy a hassle-free experience in Thailand to the utmost is advisable to apply for this 20-year membership, which comes with maximum privileges.

  • The membership fee is 2 Million THB for 1 person
  • there is an annual fee of 20,000 THB
  • The card can be transferred for a fee of 20%

If you frequent Thailand, being a Thailand Elite member gives you all the main benefits, including VIP airport service. However, Elite Ultimate Privilege takes things to the next level.

As part of the Elite Ultimate Privilege program, all Elite Ultimate Privilege members are entitled to unlimited limousine transportation to and from airports. Additionally, you will receive free golf courses access and luxurious spas 24 times each year. 

For Elite Ultimate Privilege members, in addition to enjoying all the services for leisure and comfort, a free annual health check-up is also available at selected high-end hospitals in Thailand.

20 year family program (Elite Family Premium)

The Thailand Elite Family Premium program offers visa memberships for up to 20 years. The program provides benefits such as a multiple-entry visa, residency status, and access to a dedicated concierge service. The program is designed for families who wish to live in Thailand on a long-term basis.

  • The membership fee is 1 Million THB for 1 person
  • Every additional family member is 1 Million THB
  • Valid for the remainder of the core member’s term

When you join your family member(s) on an unforgettable family vacation in Thailand, Elite Family Premium is an extension of Elite Ultimate Privilege so they can also enjoy the same benefits that you do. In addition to VIP airport service, unlimited limousine airport transfers, exclusive discounts, and other complimentary services, Thailand Elite selected partner establishments also provide complementary services for leisure activities.

The Thailand Elite Family Premium program offers a number of benefits that are perfect for families who want to make Thailand their home. The multiple-entry visa allows family members to come and go from Thailand as they please, while the residency status ensures that they can stay in the country for as long as they want. Additionally, the concierge service provides assistance with all aspects of living in Thailand, from finding a place to live to getting the best deals on activities and attractions.

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