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High-Angle Shot of People inside Suvarnabhumi Airport in Nong Prue, Thailand

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While many people don’t care about this matter, it’s always nice to have a decent experience when getting to a country’s airport since it’s the first contact you have with the country. 

Some airports have different things to do or attractions for people to enjoy while being there while others only allow you to do what you are meant to do at an airport. Read on to know some of the best Thailand airports! This could help you know what to expect when you get to the country for the first time. 

Suvarnabhumi Airport 

Suvarnabhumi airport is the most popular airport in the country, and most tourists land there when getting to Thailand for the first time. This airport is in Bangkok, and you can notice that as soon as you get there due to how modern it looks. 

It’s not as old as many airports worldwide since it was built in 2006, and it has most of the things you would find in an airport in the U.S or other European countries. Money exchange rates and taxis are not that expensive at this luxury-focused airport, so you should take advantage of that.  

Koh Samui Airport

Samui island is one of the most beautiful touristic places in Thailand, and while many people outside the country don’t even know it exists, it’s one of the must-go stops when going to Thailand. The Koh Samui Airport is for people going to the island and coming from it. 

This airport is not that big, but it has a beautiful design that makes it comfortable to be there. The only problem with it is that it’s expensive to go to Samui through, so only go for this option if it fits your budget.  


Phuket Airport 

Bangkok is a big city, and people getting there are mostly going to see a lot of people moving around when arriving in the city. While that’s not an issue for some, others see it as an unnecessary hassle and feel uncomfortable around that many people. If you feel like that too, you can always land at Phuket Airport instead of in other cities.

Phuket is not, by any means, as popular as Bangkok, so not everyone has it as their first stop when visiting Thailand. As a result, you don’t see that many people at the airport and can do everything you need to do faster and without making long lines. 

U-Tapao International Airport

Not a lot of people frequent this airport since it’s a military one, too, but you can go to it if you want to visit another country on the same continent for a cheap price. Here, you can also find some places to book reservations at the best five-star hotels in the city. 

Chiang Rai International Airport 

The last airport on this list is Chiang’s international airport, which has a wonderfully minimalist design. It’s not uncommon for people to land at this airport since there are many things to do in Chiang Rai, and you can even visit its White Temple.

You may land at a different airport depending on which city you are visiting in Thailand, and knowing what you can do at that airport can help you plan the things you need to arrange before getting to the country. However, most of them allow you to book hotel reservations and even let you know of some of the tourist events coming up there.

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