Phetchaburi with Kids

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Phetchaburi with Kids

Are you looking out for what you are able to do with kids in Phetchaburi? Below are the things that you must not miss out on your family holiday with babies, toddlers, or kids. Discover the best places for little ones in Phetchaburi, be it theme parks, playgrounds, or water parks. Kids will surely have fun, be able to learn new things and taste the best food. So, continue reading to know some of the amazing places to take pleasure in this place. 

Mrigadayavan Palace

This is one of the best places to visit with kids. This palace was erected in the year 1923 by King Vajiravudh. There are 16 miniature structures in the palace that are linked by a covered wooden corridor. This is made in accordance with conventional Thai architecture. 

The Venezia Hua Hin

Are you looking for some gifts or souvenirs in Phetchaburi? Then Venezia Hua Hin is the best place- a Venice-styled shopping street that is getting popular tourist attraction. The main attraction here is the 3D art gallery. Are you a foodie-type person? If so, try international cuisines like Chinese, Thai, French, Korean as well as Italian. Also, you can take pleasure in European-type carriage riding, or you can ride in the small train around the area. The music garden and dancing fountain add charm to the entire village. And certainly, many shopping centers are on the premises to greet every guest. 

Chaam Forest Park

This is one of the best forests in Phetchaburi. This is a small but tranquil and very relaxing forest park that is set amid a stunning setting. This area covers 665 600 square meters; it’s a portion of Don Masang National Reserved Forest and takes account of casuarinas trees, many tropical plants as well as cacti. A lake is a place to waterfowls, and if you’re blessed, you may be able to see some monkeys, palm civets as well as peacocks. 

The tranquil landscape of this amazing park makes it the perfect place to calm down and take pleasure in a family picnic. The paved trail enables cycling and other activities such as jogging. You can also set up overnight camps around the lake.


There are many things to do and see in Phetchaburi with kids. Going to any place mentioned above will surely make your holiday and vacation in the area memorable and unforgettable. Because of the friendly locals and stunning attractions, you will surely return to this place in the future. 

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