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Traveling is always exciting since you can visit new places and get in touch with cultures that are way different from the ones you have in your home country. Thailand is one of the most interesting places to visit if you look forward to getting a new country on your travel bucket list. 

However, you may need some help if you are visiting Thailand for the first time, and several apps can help you with that!


These are some of them:


Agoda is the first app you should download before getting to Thailand since it allows you to book hotel and hostel reservations. Therefore, it’s an excellent app if you don’t know where to stay or are looking for a place that suits your needs.

This is an excellent choice if you want the word “luxury” to define your trip because Agoda can find the best five-star hotels in Bangkok while offering budget-friendly options. As a result, you can also find excellent discounts on Agoda (some of them even get to 60%). 

One of the benefits of using Agoda is that it also shows you the cost of flights and ground transportation, so you know what to do as soon as you get to the country. Agoda doesn’t allow you to get SIM cards or any way to communicate with others, but you can get one at airports. 

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While Agoda is the must-go option for people booking hotel reservations in Thailand, Eatigo is your best choice if you want to visit all the restaurants you can while in the country. Eatigo is not a delivery app or something similar but rather one that allows you to book restaurant reservations. 

You can filter the restaurants you want to visit in the city by area and the type of dish you want to eat at the moment. Saving money for your trip is not an issue with Eatigo since it shows you several discounts near your area, and they are updated in real-time. 


Thai by Nemo

One of the most challenging parts when traveling to Thailand is getting used to the language people speak there and learning to communicate with people in the country. Not everyone knows how to speak English there, and learning Thai is not simple, either. 

Fortunately, you can always rely on Thai by Nemo to learn all the Thai words you need to know to communicate with people in Thailand. This app includes games for beginners to get hooked on Thai, and you can even set a number of words to learn each day. 



There are many places to visit in Thailand, but you may not know them all if it’s your first time in the country. Eventbrite lets you know all the events coming up in the city you are living in and allows you to buy tickets for them. You can look for the most beautiful places in Thailand, museums, or art expositions in the country with this app. 



Line is the last app on this list, and it’s the main messaging app in Thailand, so it’s essential to have it if you are planning on making Thai friends on your trip. You can use Line to send text messages, call or video call people, and even post things online.  



Many apps offer similar things to the ones we mentioned on this list, but these are the best ones in Thailand, so we recommend you download them if you are traveling to this country. 

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