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One of the most stunning of Thailand’s islands, Koh Phangan is also the fifth biggest and is often referred to as Koh Samui’s wild and adventurous younger brother. It may be found in the Gulf of Thailand around 35 kilometers to the south of Koh Tao and 15 kilometers to the north of Koh Samui. There are around 14,000 people living on the island, which has a size of 125 square kilometers and is covered in tropical rainforests on approximately 90% of its surface. The mountainous core of the island reaches a height of 627 meters and is encircled by an astonishing underwater environment that has a coral reef that is more than 10 kilometers long and 20 different diving spots.

The island is notably popular and well-known for the spectacular events that are hosted on it. It has a distinct ambiance and is particularly well-liked by younger travelers who are backpacking, however in recent years an increasing number of families have started making the trip there. It is far less developed than Koh Samui; many of the roads are unpaved, and the only way to reach many of the beaches is from the water. It reaches its peak once a month when the moon is full and the island hosts the Full Moon Party, the world famous party, which is typically attended by approximately 10,000 people who are painted and dressed in phosphorescent colors and includes dancing on the beach until the morning accompanied by a lot of alcohol. It is filled with tourists depending on the size of the moon and reaches its peak once a month when the moon is full and reaches its peak once a month when the moon is full and the island hosts the Full Moon Party The island is known for its natural and unspoilt beauty, as well as its numerous peaceful nooks and crannies, but it is also known for the crazy parties and rowdy nightlife that accompany it. Because it is less commercialized than the large islands and more affordable than other islands, the value for money that can be found there is great. Prices are at their highest in the evenings leading up to the celebration and gradually decrease once it has over. The island, in contrast to Koh Samui, went through a phase of controlled growth, which enabled it to keep its carefree attitude into adulthood. It is true that the bamboo huts with fans and communal bathrooms of the past have been replaced by beautiful hotels and bungalows, but you will not find here the seedy clubs and western brand restaurants that you will find in every nook and cranny of Koh Samui.

In recent years, the island has gone through a process of maturation, and as a result, it now provides an increasing number of activities that are appropriate for families. These activities range from day trips on the island and around it to waterfalls, temples, water sports, markets, omegas, and water parks, as well as attractions such as Thai boxing training, archery, and more. The island is ideal for those who like being near the water and in natural settings, as well as for those who want to bring their parents so that they may party hard while their parents watch their children. There are no issues with exchanging money or withdrawing money from automatic machines, particularly in Hadrin and the capital of the island of Thong Sala, but on the other beaches, you should stock up on cash in advance if you don’t want to find yourself exchanging money at an exorbitant price at the hotel. Haad Rin and the capital of the island of Thong Sala are the only places where these services are available.

The climate in Copenhagen and Koh Samui are identical to one another. Temperatures tend to be very consistent throughout the year, ranging from 24 to 33 degrees Fahrenheit. The months of October through December are the wettest, while the months of February through April are the driest. The months of February through September are the best time to visit the island, according to most recommendations. The hospital in Copenhagen is conveniently located close to Thong Sala and provides care of an average quality. In less severe conditions, he would react normally; but, if the condition is more severe, he may present some difficulties; in this situation, I would advise evacuation to the excellent medical facility in Koh Samui.

Taxis and songthaews, which are a kind of taxi van service, are the primary modes of transportation between the beaches. The Haad Rin to Thong Sala route, which costs 100 baht each person, is by far the most popular and traveled. The fare per person from Tongala to Thong Nai Pan is three hundred baht. It will cost you 250 baht per person to go from Haad Rin to Thong Nai Pan. You will often be required to wait for a considerable amount of time until there are sufficient passengers, and on occasion, you may be required to give the driver an increased price in order for him to drive without waiting. The cost increases significantly after dark. Sailing from coast to coast is often preferable than driving all the way across the country. The price will be comparable, but the route will be more enjoyable. It is possible to sail to the eastern coasts from Haad Rin, while it is possible to sail to the western shores from Thong Sala.

It is not difficult at all to hire a motorbike or a jeep, and doing so will give you the freedom to explore the whole island at your own pace. Rental costs for small bikes will be in the range of one hundred fifty to two hundred fifty Thai baht per day, and the cost of renting larger motorcycles will go up as the engine size becomes larger. The daily rate for a Suzuki Caribbean 4×4 jeep will be around 1200 Thai Baht. Seem cautious not to hire a car or motorbike without insurance, regardless of how alluring the price may be, and inspect the vehicle thoroughly before using it as a rental since the expense of repairs may quickly add up. Because the roads of Copenhagen are not anything to be proud of, you should drive cautiously, wear a helmet, and avoid becoming intoxicated.

One day trip from Thong Sala to Haad Rin

After leaving Thong Sala, take the main road to the east. You will see a sign pointing you in the direction of Wat Khao Tham, the temple that is well-known among tourists for the English-language meditation course that it offers for 10 days. The solitude and quiet of the location make the temple an excellent choice for anyone on a quest to better understand who they are. The monastery at the top of the hill is quite stunning, and it houses the island’s biggest statue of a Buddha in the reclining position. The temple also offers a very wonderful view point. When you get back to the main road, turn left toward Hadrin, and pretty soon you will arrive at the beautiful Baan Tai beach with its white sands and clear water. When you get there, it is highly recommended that you stop by the nearby fishing village, where you will find interesting shopping as well as a selection of boat trips that will take you between the shores of the island. After traveling for another ten minutes, we will make a left turn, and then the Samanora Falls will be reached after a brief drive of one hundred meters. In spite of the fact that they are not the largest or most attractive on the island, they have a constant flow of clean water throughout the whole year. You may spend the remainder of the day relaxing on the stunning beaches of Haad Rin or shopping in the quaint little stores that line the streets of the hamlet if you continue eastward down the road to where there are numerous more breathtaking lookout sites.

One day trip from Thong Sala to ChaloklumĀ 

We will begin our journey at Thong Sala by getting onto the main road and heading in the direction of Chaloklum to the north. You will get at Phaeng Falls after traveling for 10 minutes. The falls are encircled by a verdant rain forest and abundant in flora, and they forcibly drop fresh water into various pools, the biggest of which is named Nam Tok Yai and is situated at the base of the falls. A spot that is ideal for revitalizing oneself. Even if there are some rocks that are quite jagged, there are still plenty of shaded places where you may relax and get one with nature. During the dry season, the waterfall will not have any flow. After there, continue driving on the main road to the north for another ten minutes to reach Khao Ra, which is one of the most well-known views on Koh Phangan. From there, you will be able to see Kosmoi to the south and Koh Tao to the north. It takes around three hours to get to the viewing point through the challenging path. The Chinese temple Kuan Yin may be found to the north of there. The scene from the slope down towards Chaloklum Bay, with its numerous rows of palm palms waving in the breeze, is one that cannot fail to take one’s breath away. Continue driving on the main road until you reach the closest crossroads, where you will turn right in the direction of Haad Khom. Haad Khom is a gorgeous beach that is adorned with palm trees and welcomes visitors for extended stays so they may dive. From there, you may make your way back to Chaloklum beach, which is where the majority of the island’s fishing activity takes place. A satisfying meal may be had here at any one of the several eateries specializing in fish and other seafood that are located along the shore. During the lunch, keep your eyes peeled for the woven bamboo cages that have been strewn over the beach and are being used to dry the squid. You have the option of taking a boat taxi to go to the nearby Kuat Beach, which is known for its seclusion. It consists of 800 meters of semicircular beach that is surrounded on both sides by granite boulders, which creates a magnificent swimming pool and a perfect area for snorkeling.

One day trip from Thong Sala to Thong Nai Pan Beaches

The journey should begin at Thong Sala on the major road heading in the direction of Baan Tai. Make a U-turn and go in the direction of Thong Nai Pan. The world-famous herbal sauna that is Wat Pho will serve as the journey’s first destination. The road will pass through enormous rubber fields only a little farther to the north of there. Within these plantations is the second biggest rubber tree in the nation, which has a circumference of 14 meters and is several hundred years old. You will reach a junction after continuing to drive north on the main road for another 20 minutes. At this crossing, you will turn right to go in the direction of Than Sadet Falls. These are the magnificent waterfalls, which stretch out over a distance of three kilometers and have three major steps that the water descends down. Along the way, there are various pools that are suitable for swimming in. Spending a number of hours in this shady and green atmosphere is a good use of one’s time. If you keep going in an easterly direction along the road, you will eventually come to a couple of beaches called Than Sadet and Thong Reng. Both of these places provide a respite from the clamor and activity of the island. From there, make your way back to the intersection where you took a right turn to go to the falls, then take another right turn and head north on the main road until you reach the Thong Nai Pan beaches. Visit Little Noi Beach, whose name literally translates to “little,” and then continue on foot to Yai Beach, the bigger of the two beaches, where the community is looking for him.

One day Western Beaches Tour

Beginning in Thongsala, go in the direction of Haad Yao West Beach by taking the branch road that branches off the main road in front of Bangkok Bank. After a short drive of five minutes, you will arrive to Haad Nai Wok Beach, a beautiful beach with shining white and level sand, along which rows of coconut palms are organized as in a pattern. In the backdrop, the enticing blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand can be seen. There are others who assert that this beach is where the greatest photographs may be shot. The next beach that you’ll come across is Ao Plaay Laem, a bay that has quite shallow water and a coral reef not far away. The breathtaking panorama that can be seen when one looks out towards the nearby Taenai and Taenok islands gives the bay the illusion of being in paradise. Ao Wok Tum and Ao Hin Gang are the next two beaches to the north of there, and both of them are good options for anyone who are searching for quiet and privacy. When the tide is low, the oyster layer that is on the bottom may be seen in its entirety. After another ten minutes of driving, we will arrive to Ao Srithanu, which is yet another wonderful beach with pure white sand and pristine sea. The neighboring coral reef offers excellent opportunities for snorkeling. On this beach, the people used to fish when they had the chance. After another 5 minutes of driving, we will arrive at a breathtaking vantage position on Haad Yao West Beach, which is regarded by many as the ideal beach. The expansive bay is shaped like the half of a round and wraps around the azure ocean. Even at this location, a neighboring coral reef makes it possible to get a peek of an amazing undersea environment. After there, you’ll keep going until you reach Haad Gruad beach, and when you get there, you’ll see that you can already see Haad Salad beach. The journey comes to an end at the most northern point, which is Mae Haad beach and the island that is linked to Koh Ma land by a causeway.

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