Chiang Mai with Kids

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Chiang Mai with Kids

Chiang Mai is a remarkable travel place for the whole family. It provides something for everyone, from soft adventure activities to opportunities for educational exploration. The best thing about going to Chiang Mai with kids is that the culture is kid-friendly. Children are welcomed and always with a big smile. Traveling Chiang Mai with kids, here are the best things to do in this city with children.

Siam Insect Zoo

This hosts an amazing collection of live insects as well as specimens from the world of insects. From beetles to scorpions, it’s ideal for children as you do not just see insects in an encasement; however can pick up specimen boxes. There is also a small selection where you are able to hold live ones. 

Tiger Kingdom 

This is also one of the best places to visit in Chiang Mai with kids. The Tiger Kingdom provides the exceptional opportunity to get up close and personal to these stunning and amazing animals, where you are able to go inside the enclosure, stroke, and take a photo with the tiger. Tigers are very friendly, and it is free to walk around the park. On the other hand, to go inside the enclosure, there are different rates that depend on if you like to see the cubs, large or medium tigers. 

Bua Tong ‚ÄėSticky‚Äô Waterfalls

There are a lot of stunning waterfalls in the out-of-the-way countryside of the city. A renowned one is the Bua Tong waterfall, or also called tricky waterfalls. The natural arrangement of limestone makes the waterfall sticky and so easy for you to climb. You and your little ones can take pleasure in playing in the water among stunning scenery as well as lush nature. 

Night Safari

This is inspired by renowned Singapore’s Night Safari, and it is situated half an hour drive to the city center. It is a place for many exotic nocturnal animals like tigers, leopards as well as lions. You can marvel at these stunning creatures from an open-sided tram that makes a circuit in different trails and provides guided explanations above a speaker system. 

This is also open for guests in the daytime. A walking trail allows you to witness many types of animals, from ostriches and hippos. Also, there is an air-conditioned indoor soft play venue, and for teens, there is an outdoor playground that has facilities like slides. 

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