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Sightseeing is one of the most exciting parts of traveling to different countries, and just standing to admire the most beautiful places in the country is worth the travel. 

As a result of that, many people love taking pictures of the places they visit and then posting them on social media apps. Not all touristic spots are worth posting though, so here are the best places to visit in Thailand to impress all your followers! 

The White Temple -Chiang Rai 

Thailand has a complex culture, and people from it have built several temples according to worship the religion they follow. These temples often have beautiful architectural designs that we can’t see in countries such as the U.S or European ones. The White Temple in Chiang Rai is the perfect example of that, and it’s also an ideal place to take pictures. 

This temple looks like it was taken out of a movie or video game, and it was designed by a local artist! Ajarn Chalermchai Jositpipat is responsible for designing and constructing The White Temple in Chiang Rai, and he did it all by himself. 

white temple, Thailand

Chiang Mai White Temple by Peter Borter

Chinatown -Bangkok

There are several Chinatowns, so you may wonder what’s special about the one in Thailand. The truth is that Bangkok Chinatown is one of the best and flashiest ones you can find worldwide, and it’s also the largest Chinatown you can visit. 

It’s ideal to visit Bangkok’s Chinatown at night since its lights make it the perfect place for taking pictures for your posts. The food there is excellent, too, and bars are always full of people and ongoing parties all around the place. 

Bangkok’s Chinatown 

Bangkok’s Floating Markets

Thailand is a unique country, and you can notice that by looking at its floating markets. Yes, when we say floating markets, we mean several “street” stores floating on the water, so you need to get a little boat to move around it and buy the things you need. 

While Thai people only go to Bangkok’s floating markets to buy things, tourists go there all the time to take pictures of themselves on boats and of the stores available there. This is a one-of-a-kind experience, so you shouldn’t miss it if you are visiting the country. 

there are many super photogenic cafes in Bangkok – let us know if you would like to get our list of them

person in boat floating on body of water with fruits

Bangkok’s floating markets by Stefano Alemani

Wat Samphran Dragon Temple 

The last, and one of the best places to visit in Thailand on this list, is the Wat Samphran Dragon Temple. This temple offers you a whole different experience than the one you get when going to the White Temple, and the word “Dragon” on the name is not just a bluff, so don’t get too surprised after you see the giant dragon built around the temple. 

Getting to the top of this pink tower is not difficult since you can go through a tunnel to get there in a matter of minutes. Going to the top means seeing the head of the giant green dragon from a closer perspective, so take as many pictures as you can of it! 

woman in purple and white sari dress

Wat Samphran Dragon Temple by Sonika Agarwal

As you could see, you can fill your feed with some of the most beautiful and exciting spots in Thailand, so don’t forget to take your camera or smartphone wherever you go. Most of these places are in Bangkok, and the city has some of the most amazing five-star hotels in the country, so you could start by going there. 

A little tip from us –  you its highly recommended to rent a car since it makes it easier to get to all those places yourself. 

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