Attractions in Chonburi

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Attractions in Chonburi

Chonburi shows as the best place to unwind and get far from the busy and vibrant city life. The beachfront own is just 80 kilometers or 49 miles from Bangkok is often taken for granted for its unique and stunning counterpart- Pattaya. The perfect places to see in Chonburi cannot beat the exceptionality of this province.

Chonburi is a far-fetched getaway; this is also considered the best option in accompanying a real Thailand ordeal. This is the right choice for visitors as this hidden treasure has so many things to give.

Best Attractions To See in Chonburi

This place is remarkable because of the many activities that make visitors feel enchanted. From fishing pontoons that speck the sea to Bang Pakong River dolphins playing, there are many things to do and see in Chonburi. 

Sriracha Tiger Zoo 

If you are visiting Chonburi with kids, don’t forget to drop by n Sriracha TigerZoo. This is located in Racha District, a shoreline city in the territory of Chonburi. This zoo declares a population of 200 tigers and about 10,000 crocodiles and the largest such populace anywhere else.  Ever thought of feeding tigers or perhaps a cub? Well, good news as you are able to do anything you want. 

Prasat Satchatham or Sanctuary of Truth

Sanctuary of Truth, popularly known as Prasat Satchatham, covers a region of 2 levels and is located near the sea at Laem Ratchawet on Na Klua Rd. North Pattaya. In the area is a wide sanctuary. The structure is totally made of timber that is 105 meters high and was made to resist sunlight and a strong breeze on the seashore. 

This is a religious structure that relies primarily on Thai architecture. It has four gopuras. It depicted images from the Buddhist and Hindu religions and India, Thailand, Cambodia, and China mythologies. 

Coral Island ( Koh Larn)

The stunning Coral Island or Coral Island is the place to some of the stunning shorelines. Half an hour ride by a ferry will lead to white sandy clean coastlines. Diving into clear water will provide a chance to take pleasure in the rich marine life sustained here and a wide selection of bright and appealing corals. 

Most of the time, voyagers visit this place to take pleasure in the beach life in full swing and join in different activities such as water skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, and boat rides. 

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