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Attraction in Chiang Mai

bird's-eye view of white temple surround by trees

Attraction in Chiang Mai

No matter your reason for visiting Chiang Mai, the city has lots of tourist attractions that will make your journey worthwhile. From zoos to museums, parks, and shopping venues, Chaing Mai has virtually the whole thing you’re searching for with regards to holidays. Here are some of the best attractions in Chiang Mai that you need to consider.

Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center

This is situated in the Prapokklao Rd, Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center shows the city history that started 700 years ago. Other shows are devoted to the dominant religion Buddhism. It exhibits the cultures of Chiang Mai and other regions. Also, it shows the royal dynasties, agricultural history, and other historical factors of the city. The shows are displayed in a mixture of pictures, videos, scale models, and wall murals. 

Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium

Situated at the Huay Kaew Rd, this aquatic zoo has more than 20,000 marine creatures in its spacious underwater channels. It has a combination of fresh and saltwater creatures which will surely awe you with their beauty. Also, it has features underwater acrobats and ballets, which attract locals and tourists alike. 

Wat Phra Sing

This is the most popular temple in the city. It is also thought to be the oldest temple erected in 1385 and 1400. The walls are accentuated with murals that illustrate the customs as well as dresses of early people in Chiang Mai. 

Elephant Nature Park

This is situated around sixty kilometers north of the city, which serves as a place for distressed and rescued elephants. Guests who visit this sanctuary can appreciate this breed of creatures. Day visits will provide you the chance to bathe and feed the elephant. 

Maesa Elephant Camp

If you like to do more than just feeding and bathing elephants, Maesa Elephant Camp is a perfect place to visit. They have exhibits that feature elephants painting, playing football as well as doing many other tricks. For a fraction of the cost, you can take a ride on the elephant if you wish to. 

Doi Inthanon National Park

This is a wildlife preserve which houses a lot of wildlife creatures and trees which you might not see in other forests. It’s one of the best and nicest places to do wildlife trekking after spending quality time in the metropolis of Chiang Mai. Also, this is where you’ll l find the tallest tree in Thailand that has reached more than 8,415 feet tall.