Arriving Thailand and not yet vaccinated? you should stay in a mandatory quarantine in an Alternative State Quarantine (AQ / ASQ) hotel. Book comfortable AQ hotels or ASQ hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya with complete quarantine packages that include accommodation, 3 meals per day, COVID-19 tests, airport pick-up, and more. If you are fully vaccinated, you probably should check out the Sandbox program.

Mandatory Quarantine Period
Fully vaccinated: 7 day quarantine
Not fully vaccinated (arrive by air or sea): 10 day quarantine
Not fully vaccinated (arrive by land): 14 day quarantine

On the day that you make your booking, the hotel will request (via email) all the required documentation to allow them to confirm the booking. Please note, the Thailand Pass must be submitted at least 3 days before your flight departs. Processing the required documents, completeness of this process, and/or lack or inaccuracy of any of the required documents is strictly between the booker and the hotel.

The documents required to confirm an AQ / ASQ booking varies by hotel. Commonly required documents include the following, but it is your responsibility to check what documents are required for your individual booking:

  1. A Flight Booking
  2. Passport photo page
  3. Thai ID Card (for Thai Nationals
  4. Thailand Pass form
  5. Address of stay in Thailand after AQ
  6. An Insurance Policy with coverage no less than US $50,000.